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Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas - Centro Nacional de Microelectronica

BNC-b (Barcelona Nanocluster- Bellaterra), is a virtual entity clustering the capabilities and expertises of two research centres fully owned by CSIC, CNM (National Centre of Microelectronics, Bellaterra-Barcelona) and ICMAB (Institute of Materials, Bellaterra-Barcelona), a new joined CSIC and ICN (Catalonian Institute of Nanotechnology-Foundation) centre, CIN2 (Centre for Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Bellaterra-Barcelona), and several Groups and Laboratories belonging to UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Bellaterra-Barcelona). BNC-b gathers a human potential of 400 researchers with a broad set of skills and competences in materials, characterization, process technologies and device&systems design and manufacture, both in micro and nano fields. Together with a micro and nanofabrication facility, housed in a 1.500 m2 Clean Room, all these resources are located at the UAB campus (within a 300 meters radius circle), 2 kms from the LSF SR-”Alba”.
BNC manages the different capabilities of these centres, dealing with programmes and projects in nanoscience and nanotechnology, co-ordinating capabilities and efforts under a synergetic approach from a scientific and technological perspective, though each centre has its own organization, access and administrative policies. Three out of four centres belongs to CSIC, the parent organization, while the last is the UAB. This is the reason why we propose that, from the administrative viewpoint, CSIC will be the partner (and CNM will be the technical representative, being CNM the organization focal point of BNC) and UAB will be subcontracted, to maintain the strength of the whole BNC-b in the same partnership.
CNM and ICMAB have a large experience dealing with FP projects and international relations as well as organising studies, projects, meetings and workshops. Together with the rest of the BNC members, they have a broad knowledge and expertise to assess micro and nanotechnologies, technological approaches and characterization methods for different fields. As an example, currently CNM’s technological facility is fabricating optical nanodevices for the SR-“Alba” project.
Both top-down and bottom-up approaches are available within BNC, based on e beam, nanoimprint, dry etching, ion implantation, ALD, crystal growth, PVD and CVD processes, functionalization, etc…, together with MEMS / NEMS design and fabrication processes. Integration of all of them under a flexible scheme gives a non usual and non negligible added value to these capabilities. Characterization of micro and nano devices and materials through SEM, TEM, X-Ray, Raman, etc…, is also available.
The combined expertise provides the whole BNC a singular position concerning the evaluation and assessment of technological issues. Methodology and management may also be addressed, based on CNM’s Clean Room experience as European LSF (years 2000 to 2003) and Spanish LSF (since 2004). Both activities imply a broad interactive and collaborative tasks and duties related with a large number of external Laboratories and Centres.
  • Research area: INFRA-2007-2.1-01
  • Contract Type: Collaborative project
  • Project reference: 212348
  • Start Date: 2008-06-01
  • Duration: 24 months
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